Features and Benefits

Why Trudello?

For Programmers

Leverage the power of a modern object-oriented programming language.  Trudello cross compiles Basic code into Javascript and PHP.  The process is efficient and fast and most functions can run on both browser and server unchanged.  You need to be a programmer, but if you can do it in code, you can do it in Trudello.

Let the Tools Handle the Complexity

Trudello deals with incompatible browsers, JSON browser-server interfaces, call-backs and interfacing with the DOM.  This leaves you free to work on your business logic.

Simplify Your Development Environment

Trudello may be the only tool that you need.  Many other tools need a confusion of editors, designers, debuggers and packagers from different sources with add-ins and incompatibilities.  Trudello keeps it simple.

Single File Storage

Trudello stores a whole project in a single file. This includes screens, browser code, server code and deployment settings.  If you need to backup or ship out your project then it becomes simple.


Debugging is where Trudello stands tall.  Trudello has one debugger for browser and server code.  In fact, it is possible to step into server code from browser code.  Then you can change and recompile your code, on the fly, and continue your debug session.

Integrate Your Screens

The compiler is aware of the screens and automatically creates objects and classes for screens.  Controls and fields become members.  Events are linked to code and the compiler checks everything.

Ease Your Learning Curve

Cut down on the number of technical skills that you need.  Trudello has one screen design tool and one language.  There is no need to learn HTML, CSS, JSON, Javascript, PHP, frameworks or any of the other technologies needed to build web applications. The language is Basic and almost every programmer knows Basic.

Single API

Trudello has a single API for both browser and server code for simplicity.  The built in code editor is API aware and has auto-complete to help find API functions.

Deploy and Run Anywhere

Trudello compiles to standard HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP for the most compatible deployment possible.  There are no add-ins or downloads necessary.  Trudello deploys to file system locations and FTP servers for maximum convenience.

What You Can Do With Trudello


Collect customer details from your website


Provide online services


Provide online payments


Build business systems for the web


Manage a newsletter subscription


Extract data from your cloud systems


Load data into your cloud systems


Integrate your cloud systems with each other and with on-premises systems

Rapid Development and Trudello

  • Visual Screen Designer – because screens are visual.
  • Use the productive high-level BASIC language.
  • Intelligent autocomplete code editor.
  • Constant compilation and instant identification of compile errors.
  • Seamless integration between the browser and server components.
  • An integrated debugger that:
    • Can step into server side code;
    • Allow code changes, recompile and continue debugging;
    • Inspect and update variables.

Watch a real-time video showing the development and deployment of a working application in less than 5 minutes.

  • Build screens with a graphical builder.
  • Auto-complete code editor suggests valid code to enter.
  • One language to learn and that is BASIC.
  • The tool deals with the technical parts of web development.
  • No complicated frameworks.
  • Only one tool to install.
  • Single click deployment.
  • Deploy to the Trudello host with no setup.
  • Single Page Web Applications are the latest style of web application.
  • They are more responsive.
  • Easier to use.
  • More powerful.
  • A simple development environment is easy to maintain and recreate.
  • Projects are stored in single files and are easy to manage.
  • The tool deals with most of the technology and so there is less code to maintain.
  • The language is type-safe and the compiler checks that all functions are called correctly and that all referenced components exist.
  • Trudello has NO Callbacks!
  • Trudello can be written so that the programs match the business logic.
  • Trudello integrates with:
    • SQL Server and MySQL databases on the server.
    • Web services.
    • Desktop integration (coming soon).
  • Page Design Features include:
    • Graphical Page Designer
    • Texts and  Active Texts
    • Images and  Active
    • Images, Tools for Working with Transparent Images
    • Icon Builder
    • Buttons
    • Drop Down
    • Lists
    • Form elements: Radio Buttons, Check Boxes
    • Canvas
    • Custom Controls
    • Text Edits